adidas avant-garde shoes YEEZY 450 latest color matching “Cinder” first exposure

The new gradient claw midsole debut.

Adidas avant-garde shoes YEEZY 450 This time, following the exposure of the two color matching “Resin” and “Sulfur”, the latest color matching “Cinder” is here.

The latest color matching “Cinder” of YEEZY 450 is different from the previous two color matching. It can be seen that it has a unique “claw” structure midsole with gradient elements, and the effect from light brown to dark brown makes it more avant-garde. The Primeknit upper is paired with a wrap-around sock design, injected with a light brown color scheme to cover the body, and YEEZY and the earth image can also be seen on the insole, which means that this shoe is made of sustainable materials.

The suggested price of this shoe is $200. It is expected to be officially launched in the spring of 2022. Interested readers should pay attention.