adidas YEEZY Foam Runner’s Latest Colorway “Sulfur” Official Photos, Release Information Announced

A new continuation of earth tones.

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Adidas YEEZY Foam Runner, following the restocking return of “Stone Sage” today, “Sulfur”, which has been exposed for a long time, has brought official pictures and release information.

Retaining the iconic silhouette of YEEZY Foam Runner’s one-piece molding, the shoe body is constructed with algae technology EVA foam. The special streamlined shape and multiple hollow designs add details to the shoe, and present the sulfur color represented by its “Sulfur” in a monochrome style. It can be described as a relatively bright and bright color matching in this series of shoes.

This shoe is expected to be released on April 22 for a full family size shoe, with a suggested price of $50-90. Hong Kong and Taiwan officials have not yet released relevant sales information, so stay tuned.