adidas YEEZY Knit Runner Boot

Adidas YEEZY Knit Runner Boot’s latest color “Sulfur” release date first revealed

Adidas and YEEZY have recently exposed a lot of new design shoes that brighten the eyes of the outside world. This time, in addition to DSRT BT and YZY KNIT RNR, they have introduced a brand-new boot called YEEZY Knit Runner Boot, and simultaneously exposed the latest color scheme. Sulfur” and release date information.

This shoe was first shown together with NSLTD BT in the YEEZY Season 8 show in 2020. Not long ago, Kanye West also personally exposed it, using khaki and tan to construct the main shoe body, and using devil felt for a relatively convenient elastic bag It has the functions of covering and putting on and taking off, and adopts a similar combination of techniques with a very eye-catching yellow base, and the addition of a serrated outsole gives excellent grip.