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adidas YEEZY Foam Runner’s Latest Colorway “Sulfur” Official Photos, Release Information Announced

A new continuation of earth tones.

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Adidas YEEZY Foam Runner, following the restocking return of “Stone Sage” today, “Sulfur”, which has been exposed for a long time, has brought official pictures and release information.

Retaining the iconic silhouette of YEEZY Foam Runner’s one-piece molding, the shoe body is constructed with algae technology EVA foam. The special streamlined shape and multiple hollow designs add details to the shoe, and present the sulfur color represented by its “Sulfur” in a monochrome style. It can be described as a relatively bright and bright color matching in this series of shoes.

This shoe is expected to be released on April 22 for a full family size shoe, with a suggested price of $50-90. Hong Kong and Taiwan officials have not yet released relevant sales information, so stay tuned.

Adidas YEEZY BOOST 700 The Latest Colorway “Metallic” First Exposure

It is expected to go on sale this spring.

After entering 2022, Ye and Julia Fox’s love affair is quite hot, and their own YEEZY sneaker empire continues to shine. Today’s popular shoe model YEEZY BOOST 700 ushered in the latest color matching “Sulfur Yellow”.

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YEEZY BOOST 700’s latest color matching “Metallic” chooses common earth colors to run through the main body, and is composed of mesh, smooth leather and suede and other fabrics. Light olive is used to inject the base layer of the upper, supplemented by “Sulfur Yellow” Covering it, you can see a relatively bright beige embellishment on the toe, while the laces, midsole and outsole are lined with charcoal gray, dark oak brown and black respectively, which can be described as a design with a full range of colors.

This shoe has no public release date yet. It is expected to debut in the spring of 2022. The suggested price is $240. Interested readers should pay attention.

YEEZY BOOST 350’s popular color “Blue Tint” replenishment date officially announced

YEEZY BOOST 350’s popular color “Blue Tint” replenishment date officially announced

YEEZY BOOST 350 V2’s popular color scheme “Blue Tint” was revealed in May for replenishment information, and this time it officially announced its re-release date.

This shoe was released in December 2017. This time it is back again after three years. The entire shoe design is filled with rich texture on the Primeknit woven upper, with the iconic scratch pattern on the side of the shoe and the words “SPLY-350”. The shoe The sharp stitches in the middle of the body are used for details, and the shoe mouth and outsole are more embellished with light blue. Finally, it is equipped with a BOOST midsole with excellent wear resistance, cushioning and responsiveness.

Blast! Yeezy 350 “Blue Tick” SPLY-350 was leaked in advance, confirmed to be sold in limited quantities!

Seeing this picture of Yeezy 350, I guess everyone will be excited, right?

According to Mafia’s latest exposure, a pair of SPLY-350 with superb properties seems to be on sale! And the release time will be locked in next spring!

In the minds of old players, it can really compare with the original 350, I am afraid there are only the early three-color “paint strips” of gray orange and pure black! The gray-orange gypsophila will be on sale soon, and another pair is also on the way!

At present, a pair of new colors for the “Paint Strip Trio” released on Black Friday in 2016 are restored, and the actual “Dazzling Blue” has been exposed! This time it is the same dazzling blue! Seeing this color scheme, can you just call “Ye Qinghui” right?

By the way, when did Kanye ask Fujiwara Hiroshi to print “lightning” on it? ? ?

Yeezy was very popular at the time, and released three pairs of pure black colors in one breath, decorated with “red, copper, and green” three-color strips running through the shoe body!

And the most popular red version among them, it is not too much to say that Yeezy 350V2 has a “ceiling”!

The price in the secondary market has taken off since it was just released! After many years, it has become a sky-high price. The most expensive size is 3635 US dollars (approximately RMB 23,145)!

And, according to adidas’ current re-enactment rhythm, we might as well look forward to the return of the first-hand red version? ? ?

Yeezy 350V2 “Dazzling Blue” is expected to be officially released in 2022, interested friends please continue to pay attention, we will bring the latest relevant news as soon as possible!