YEEZY was sued for damages of $950,000 due to delivery delay

In particular, consumers who pay extra freight to purchase urgent items suffer greatly.

According to a statement from the Los Angeles Line District Attorney’s Office, YEEZY Apparel LLC and YEEZY LLC have been ordered to pay $950,000 in compensation due to delayed shipments and false promises to consumers. This civil lawsuit involves four district attorney’s offices.

Gascón pointed out that “online consumers have the right to avoid unreasonable charges and long and unreasonable waiting for delivery.” The prosecutor has implemented state and federal laws on online shopping, and determined that YEEZY “has made an impact on its ability to deliver products within a specific time frame. False or misleading statements, especially when the customer pays extra for urgent items.” In California, online shopping sellers must ship products with equivalent or better specifications within 30 days, otherwise they must give written notice and refund.

The lawsuit was concluded on October 22 as “Failure to ship within 30 days and to provide a complete delay notice.” On November 3, the Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Randolph M. Hammock formally ruled that YEEZY needs to file with 4 prosecutors. The office paid a civil penalty of $200,000 and an investigation fee of $20,000, as well as compensation for Consumer Protection Prosecution Trust Fund $50,000 for a total of $950,000.